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We're committed to creating a more holistically sustainable workplace for our clients. Whether it be helping them sustain finances or creating more efficient business processes, we're all about eliminating waste from the bottom line. We're also passionate about ensuring that we demonstrate sustainability in our own daily activities as a responsible business.


C-Level Execs practices economic sustainability by maintaining top C-Suite talent in our associate workforce, acting as growth catalysts for smaller and start-up companies. By leveraging some of our region’s industry leaders to help newer companies succeed, we take pride in keeping businesses in Canada to strengthen our economy as a whole.


C-Level Execs demonstrates social equity by participating in educational events; such as the Professional Development Summit, and the Halifax Chamber of Commerce's Continuing Education lunch and learn sessions.


C-Level Execs have published our sustainability statement online, providing copies to customers upon request. 


C-Level Execs is a team of independent executive consultants who work on a project basis. We reduce our carbon footprint by taking full advantage of cloud technologies for file sharing, video conferencing, and audio conferencing as an alternative to meeting in person whenever possible. We pledge to utilize whatever new tools become available to help us continue to collaborate on sustainable practices.

C-Level Executive Solutions recognizes environmental and economic protection as one of its key values to running business in a responsible manner and providing quality service in a sustainable way. C-LevelExecs ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees by minimizing potential impact on the environment. Our sustainability policy complies with existing legislation and is shared with our associates, employees, and clients.

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