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Employing an Advisory Board to Positively Impact Your Business

April 20, 2021 

C-Level Executive Associates Owen Sagness (CEO) and Colin Mason(CMO) conducted an insightful webinar, "Employing an Advisory Board to Positively Impact Your Business" for the Family Business Associates (FBA) Atlantic .

The well attended discussion touched on facts from a revealing study by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and the personal experience of Owen and other C-Level members with the pros and cons of striking an advisory board to best benefit one's business.

The entire presentation can be viewed here:

Leadership in Challenging Times

May 11, 2020 

C-Level Executive Associates Peter Conlon ICD.D and Robert Patzelt LL.M, Q.C., ICD.D conducted a timely webinar, "Leadership in Challenging Times" for the Family Business Associates (FBA) Atlantic this morning. Both ex-CEOs are well versed in leading firms through trying times and spoke from personal experience to the challenges confronting SMEs during and coming out of the current pandemic.

The entire presentation can be viewed by going here

Our Strategic Alliance with TechInvest Alberta

Dec 12, 2019

C-Level Executive Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of C-LevelExecs in Edmonton Alberta as well as the announcement of our Strategic Alliance with TechInvest Alberta.  This alliance provides both firms with a broader set of offerings in the Alberta markets. 
C-LevelExecs welcomes Ken Hein (CBDO), Lorie Baddock (CIO), David Dyrbye (CFO) and Shaun Hammond (Executive Coach) to the new Edmonton practice. Under Ken’s leadership members of the new team have already been engaged with advising our first client on strategic financial decision making.  This team of senior executives are available to assist Alberta firms by providing strategic advice or stepping in on short notice as interim executives.  This brings the total resource  pool of C-Level executives to 54, operating in major centres from Charlottetown to Edmonton.
TechInvest Alberta helps companies create world-class value with intangible assets and investment ready services.   Simply put their approach to re-structuring firms and getting not only tangible but also intangible assets into the value equation resulting in significantly higher valuations and reduced dilution of the founders ownership.

Regional Partner for Prince Edward Island

Mar 1, 2019

The partners of C-Level Executive Solutions are pleased to announce that Keith Hillier has been appointed as Regional Partner for Prince Edward Island.  Keith’s background as a former senior executive in the areas of Finance, Information Technology and Operations provides clients with cross departmental strategic level leadership and advisory services to advance corporate objectives and growth. 


An innovative problem solver, Keith is often called upon to resolve difficult high-profile issues. He has expertise in senior executive leadership, service delivery, performance management, financial management, strategic and operational planning, human resource management, information technology, and strategic communications. 

Finding Leverage: 

accessing available government funds to invest in growth initiatives

Jan 29, 2019

Peter Conlon and Robert Patzelt, Chief Executive Associates with C-Level presented "Finding Leverage" to the Family Business Atlantic's members at the Boyne Clark offices in Dartmouth.

The well received session explored how to leverage available government funds to invest in growth initiatives.  A gathering of FBA members and future members participated in a lively Q & A session with Peter and Robert following the presentation.


Defining Your Business Development Function

Jan 29, 2019

Peter Price, CIO with C-Level Execs presented our third topic in the VENN "Business Builders" Lunch Series at the Venn Centre in Moncton.  His topic, entitled "Defining Your Business Development Function", focused on key options for business development.


Creating Market Traction Through Strategic Business Partnerships

Jan 29, 2018

Andrew Morrisey, Managing Partner of C-Level Executive Solutions, presented at the "Business Builders" Lunch Series at the VENN Centre in Moncton N.B. 
Andrew's topic was "Creating Market Traction Through Strategic Business Partnerships".
In this presentation Andrew discussed the strategic partnerships and alliances that have helped him grow and accelerate his past business ventures.   He reviewed the partnership life cycle and his ideas on some unique partnering opportunities you should consider for your own business.  


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