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Managing & Founding Partner

Andrew is an experienced, effective business executive and leader. With a specialty in business transformation and has been leading service based organizations for nearly two decades. Adept at identifying gaps in business operations and processes, Andrew provides clients in the manufacturing and mid market enterprise businesses with a breadth of experience on how to achieve business objectives and successful outcomes.

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CIO Practice Partner

Dan is a senior business executive with global experience in the CPG food processing industry and national experience in the transportation, shipbuilding, and forest product industries. Dan possesses a collaborative management style that includes recruiting, training and building strong, cohesive teams for optimal business results. For over 25 years, Dan held various VP and Director positions with McCain Foods. He served as Director of Planning and Consulting, as well as Director of Implementation Services.

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Keith Hillier has a track record of excellence in leadership. He leads by example and his contagious passion for excellence excites both his peers and subordinates and leads to outstanding results. An innovative problem solver, Keith is often called upon to resolve difficult high-profile issues based on his expertise in senior executive leadership, service delivery, performance management, financial management, strategic and operational planning, human resource management, information technology, and strategic communications.

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Chief Executive Associate

An award-winning business leader with an extensive history of fixing and growing companies, Peter Conlon is passionate about business. With 40 years in general management and leadership in Canada, United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia, he has significant experience in large corporations, small businesses, independent entities and subsidiary operations, including direct line management of marketing, sales, finance, operations, product management and strategic planning.

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Chief Executive Associate

Robert Patzelt is a CEO and business lawyer with 30 years of experience in organizational leadership, operations, mergers and acquisitions and business development. He is a strong and effective communicator and skilled negotiator with recognized expertise in law, risk management and corporate governance. He is also a respected Board Director for multiple organizations and the leader of a number of major initiatives in corporate, not-for-profit and non-governmental agencies.

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Chief Government & Trade Relations Associate

Ann is a skilled C.E.O. with experience in the non-profit and government sectors. She is a Lawyer and former Citizenship Judge. She is an Industry Association executive with experience advancing the needs of small business and industry. Ann is an e-commerce professional with expertise in trade policy. She served as Deputy Minister of Small Business and Municipal Affairs in Nova Scotia.



Chief Marketing Associate

Colin has built a wide-ranging and significant career in marketing and strategic management. His background and experience is uniquely broad and diversified, and yet practically based with roots in sales, advertising media, agency consulting and marketing. Most recently he served as Marketing Director for Trade Centre Limited, leading a central in-house marketing team to serve all facilities, brands and divisions.

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Chief Financial and Chief Operating Associate

Cathie is a financial executive with extensive experience in municipal services, labour relations, management and internal auditing. She is particularly adept at identifying gaps in business operations and processes; Professional standards as a CPA, CGA, employment history, and project deliverables speak to her independence, trustworthiness and commitment to public service.



Chief Information Associate

Cecil has a demonstrated ability to lead diverse teams of professionals in complex and highly competitive environments.  He has a proven track record in setting strategic direction, meeting objectives and delivering operational excellence. Cecil's passion is delivering business benefits and exceeding in customer service, and possesses strong technical and business qualifications.

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Chief Information Associate

Gail is  a Health Care Executive with more than 25 years in organizational leadership, project and change management. She directs her passion to problem solving and mitigating the challenges that often ensue with organizational change. Her executive level experience and intuition allows her to naturally seek out areas to reduce risk, improve efficiency, and enhance outcomes through well-planned change management.

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Chief Marketing Associate

David has more than 27 years of experience in all facets of corporate marketing, operational leadership, and strategy, primarily in global Fortune 50 companies, His set of skills includes international brand and marketing management, strategic planning, and new product development, as well as operationalizing consumer, market and competitive insight.

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Chief Information Associate

Peter is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of demonstrated experience in executive and operations management, consulting, enterprise program & project management, business aligned strategic planning, business development. He has been a CIO of a billion dollar revenue generating company, a Program Director for multi-million dollar enterprise initiatives, as well as COO/GM of a small start-up, and more.

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Chief Information Associate

Shane is a seasoned professional with the business acumen to think strategically, and the attention to detail to deliver superior results. For two decades, Shane has held various senior director positions in IT management, with concentrated experience in the professional services industry, (public sector, financial, engineering, and law practice in particular).



Chief Business Development Associate

Allan has over three decades of experience in Government, Industry, and Academia  connecting dots across all sectors in domestic and international markets. With a background in operations with the Canadian Armed Forces, coupled with time working to build a one-of-a-kind industry and internationally focused engineering program has afforded Allan the skills to generate value for all in building multidisciplinary and cross culture solutions.



Chief Financial Associate

Kevin has repeatedly raised millions in financing for clients, with specialized skills in laying the groundwork, executing funding, and maintaining funding for companies in emerging growth periods and other challenging scenarios. Experience has built in him a recognition of the elements that create a winning scenario, and in contributing to the development, support, and exploitation of winning business models. 

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Chief Human Resource Associate

Ellen is a skilled executive with over 35 years of experience.  As part of the team at C-Level Executive Solutions, Ellen provides consulting services in healthcare management, service excellence, strategic planning, executive coaching, labour relations and conflict resolution. Ellen is known for her operational management expertise and passion for organizational excellence.

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Chief Marketing Associate

Mark has over 30 years experience in a variety of senior executive roles spanning Pharmacy, Food, Drug, Mass and Entertainment.  He has driven both top and bottom lines through sophisticated approaches to brand development, marketing deployment, and customer engagement.  Developing and driving innovation, such as  introducing telehealth to rural communities or using mobile technology to automatically enable prescription renewals, are examples of Mark's key skills. 

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International Business Consultant

William has  years of experience in international trade working both in Europe and Canada. Working in different roles in sectors ranging from an international investment firm (portfolio administration) to a standards developing organization (corporate governance), he has serviced different sized clients from numerous continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and North America).

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Chief Executive Advisor

Owen specializes in growing revenue and profit by transforming organizations through culture and innovation.  As a senior executive and advisor, Owen brings an approach that unleashes the potential of people, products and partnerships for mid-size and enterprise level companies that need to ignite their next wave of growth.

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Chief Information Associate

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In his decades of working in the field, Bill has become adept at finding solutions to IT challenges that meet or exceed the demands of his organization for efficiencies, performance improvements, cost savings, and strategic development while preserving relationships with all levels of stakeholders both internal and external.



Chief Information Associate

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Al is an executive level business consultant with extensive experience in public service managing operational programs, technical support, human resources, information management and information technology. Al is a bilingual executive who has held senior positions for nearly 20 years, with wide spread experience in the public sector.



Chief Financial Associate

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Gerald is a financial executive with over 25 years of “hands-on” business experience working with a number of private and publicly--‐listed companies in various industries including SAAS and other knowledge-based businesses, clean tech, life sciences, manufacturing and resources.



Chief Information Associate

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Neil has over 20 years in senior management roles. The bulk of his work has been with telecommunications, focusing on equipment and systems. He has worked most recently in satellite and cellular wireless systems, including location-based services. He has also consulted extensively with a wide range of private companies, government and non‐governmental agencies on long term strategies related to human resource and product planning.



Chief Information Associate

Alaisdar is a proven and experienced CIO with over 30 years’ experience in information technology, successfully leading people and projects to align with business needs and objectives. Alaisdar’s qualifications include: senior level tactical and strategic planning; business process architecture and cost optimization and customer satisfaction improvement.



Chief Human Resource Associate

Brian is an innovative, strategic Human Resources consultant with over 25 years in senior positions. He has a broad background that includes talent management, organization development, workforce planning, recruitment, compensation, employee and labour relations. Brian has extensive experience assisting well‐known private sector and public sector organizations to achieve their business goals through strategic HR management.

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Chief Information Associate

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Ron is recognized as a leader in enterprise architecture a with proven track records of leading IM/IT directorates in developing world class innovative business solutions using leading edge technologies.  As a recently former executive with considerable experience as a CIO in the Government of Canada, he is returning to his primary interest in helping Senior Managers and business leaders to take a leadership role in how new and innovative tools can be used to help transform their organization.




Chief Marketing Associate

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Howard has worked in various private and public sector organizations, including crown corporations, federal government departments, holding companies, schools, foundations, and family businesses. He has broad industry experience, but spent the most of his career specializing in Finance. For over 14 years, Howard was crucial in the executive  management  team at Barclays Bank, serving in senior roles as a Member of the Barclays Executive Management Committee.


We are Looking for New Associates

Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Business Development Associate

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Ken’s provides client organization solutions and improvements. His approach is client-focused, forward thinking and business-oriented.  He has led as well as provided support on many assignments including organizational strategy, alignment of work to goals, business transformation, project and risk management, procurement solutions, advisory services for procurement initiatives, and fairness monitory advisor services.



Chief Business Development Associate

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Abe has a consistent record of building high performing teams that deliver superior results. He builds and maintains trusted relationships over the long-term through mutual respect and integrity.   A proven leader with national experience coordinating the efforts of delivery, sales, client satisfaction, resource management and employee engagement. He’s worked with executive teams to develop business plans and strategies to improve overall business performance and implement plans for growth.



Chief Information Associate

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Lorie uses strategic perspective and vision to work closely with stakeholders to enable business goals by leveraging the use of technology.  With a strong blend of executive competencies, she excels at strategic planning, implementing IT and business initiatives, managing all levels of IT functions, and effectively liaising with stakeholders. She has worked across a diverse number of public sector ministries as well as in the financial sector.

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Chief Executive Associate

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With distinguished professional credentials in management consulting and accounting, Sterling’s four decades of experience includes creating, building and managing successful enterprises, His broad-ranging and diverse career has helped him gain deeper insights into the complex leadership, management, and operational realities that face boards, executives, and their teams. He sees the threads of opportunity, elicits active engagement, and encourages the advancement of sustainable performance outcomes for all stakeholders.



Executive Coach and Associate

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Shaun is focused on the development of the executive, director, manager and entry level leaders through his mentoring, coaching and training of the next generation of leaders to support the succession planning in and across departments. He is an experienced executive leader, specializing in governance, operations and leadership development and coaching. Shaun is dedicated to finding solutions to complex governance system problems, implementing innovative approaches, and achieving significant results.




International Business Consultant

William has  years of experience in international trade working both in Europe and Canada. Working in different roles in sectors ranging from an international investment firm (portfolio administration) to a standards developing organization (corporate governance), he has serviced different sized clients from numerous continents (Africa, Asia, Europe and North America).

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We are always looking to add experienced C-Level Executives to our team and look forward to speaking with you about opportunities to become part of our amazing team.  Our business model is to be responsive to our client requests and often we are asked to step in with very short notice.  To maintain a high degree of responsiveness we strive to have a bench of available executives.


Atlantic Region
Immediate openings for:

  • CFO  Practice Partner

  • CHRO Associate

Immediate openings for:

  • Business Development Associate

Calgary, Edmonton
Immediate openings for:

  • CMO Level Associate

  • CEO Advisors

  • COO Level Associate

  • CHRO Level Associate

To be announced in 2021-2022

5-10+ years filling the executive role applicable is mandatory.  Consulting experience is ideal but training will be provided if required to transition you from the corporate executive suite into a C-LevelExec.

Regional Partners have the option of becoming an equity partner.


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