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Executive and Interim Services

Traditional hiring methods have shown limitations in most organizations, against a backdrop of accelerated corporate change , and in the ​transitioning global environment. The hiring and headhunting cycle has become too slow and inadequate in responding to one-off needs and demanding strategic projects.

        Interim and contract management is attractive to firms that have issues which need immediate attention.                   C-Level has responded to this demand by disrupting the supply side of this equation and pre-recruiting a team of senior execs with a proven track record and the capacity to work on short notice.

Here are the types of assignments we tackle:

Exec Jigsaw.png


Team Brainstorm


Does your company or department require additional executive leadership, but cannot support a full time CxO position? Are you transitioning to your company’s next big thing and need part-time C-Level assistance to get you there? Interim Executive Management is the new way for growing companies to gain access to a short-term executive and benefit with long-term gains.  Contracting our experienced CxO's into your leadership team to fill a gap or mentor an existing leader helps keep your management team lean while optimizing cost.  

Business Conference


Seeking and giving advice are central to effective leadership and decision making. Studies have shown that small and medium enterprises (SME) improve both revenues and overall productivity with the help of an advisory board. Those firms with such boards cite the additional benefits they receive from the relationship.

C-Level will facilitate the forming and hiring of an advisory board for your business, supplementing it with our own qualified members, as required.

Contemporary Boardroom


What if you’ve got the right team members, but they need a little bit of motivation to help them achieve their goals? How do you inject the energy and enthusiasm required? By leveraging the coaching experience of our top C-Level talent, we will create a mentoring program that can be custom fitted to your organization. And in many cases, these coaching initiatives can be co-funded with available government learning grants.

Types of Coaching and Mentoring:

  •          Facilitation​

  •          Engagement                                                          (External Stakeholder/Employee/Citizen)

  •          Negotiation

  •          Mediation

Financial Report


Is your HR team is looking for a review of the pension plan? Maybe your IT is looking for a long-term technology strategy. Or, possibly the Finance department needs assistance with business valuation, an upcoming tax scenario, or due-diligence of your next acquisition target. Whatever your need, The C-Level Exec team is unique in the marketplace by having a portfolio of executives from all major functional areas. 


  • Leadership Development

  • Project Management

  • Business Development

  • Business Planning

  • Business Strategy

  • Governance

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Development​

  • Performance / Change Management ​

  • IT Management

  • IT Strategy

  • IT Integration

  • Capacity Building

  • Advertising & Communications

  • Marketing Planning

  • Organizational Structure

  • Balanced Scorecards

  • Employee Risk Management



Many of our executives have participated in events as Keynote Speakers or presenters, and can be contracted to present at your next event. Our executives also excel at conducting workshops for company leadership teams, organizations, or associations. 

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