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Between Project Management & Business Outcomes

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.”                                                                          Joy Gumz, Director

                             of Project Auditors 

"Project management is the one lever that gets things done for your business, and transition management makes sure it lasts."                                           

                    Gail Okoh, Practice Partner                      C-Level Executive Solutions


Accelerate Your Project's Value
With These Three Key Actions:


Failing to plan is
planning to fail

You can't manage what you haven't planned! Developing a solid project management plan establishes the strong foundation for achieving business outcomes. An experienced project manager knows that a solid project management plan extends beyond the timetable. Today's project management plan includes key elements such as a project charter, a risk management plan, a communications plan, a stakeholder engagement plan, and a budget management plan.


For every mile of road, there is two miles of ditch!

Monitor and control your project using proven processes, tools, techniques and most importantly experience to keep your project’s on time, in scope and in budget. Using project management tools and best practices such as work breakdown structures, Gantt charts, critical path, backlogs, scrums, risk analysis, RASCI and others, your project will stay on track and achieve maximum value. 


A project gets things done. A transition makes it last!

It’s rewarding to complete a project and move on to the next one, however, an often-forgotten phase in project management is transition.    Projects are often planned to introduce or modify a product, service, process, regulatory requirement, technology.  These need to be transitioned to operations to become normalized and adopted as part of the new organizational fabric.  This is achieved by focusing on the people and process side of the project using change management techniques.  

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