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Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management Services

Business Transformation - Customer Information System

EfficiencyOne (E1) is a growing brand in the support of reducing the carbon footprint through energy efficiency and demand side management.   To support future growth and be able to scale their operations offering more energy efficiency programs requires an enterprise ready demand side management systems, process, and people.

The challenge E1 faced was selecting the right solution and partners to implement their “DSM platform”.   Traditionally large-scale system and business transformation projects run into significant challenges that result in failing or worse cancelled projects that cost an organization multiple of times the costs and time than originally budgeted.  E1 wanted to significantly reduce their risks and increase the critical success factors of their Customer Information System project so they called upon C-LevelExecs’ CIO practice for guidance and leadership.


Two C-LevelExecs from our CIO and Project Management Office practices were deployed to provide direction, best practices for product procurement, selection, due-diligence, and implementation project management services.   The short-listed technology solution identified underwent a unique due-diligence process that significantly reduced the risks associated with product selection.   


The result is that the solution selected and implemented has proven to fit the current and future state for E1.  




Manufacturing - Electronics

Business Transformation - System Selection and Implementation

Sunsel Electronics Manufacturing produces integrated circuit boards for their clients to integrate within their innovative solutions ranging from high end computing servers, automated dispensing systems used by major coffee & restaurant chains in North America OR producing integrated circuit boards that are used in high-definition radio broadcasting transmitters used by the majority of AM/FM radio stations in over 180 countries worldwide.


The challenge Sunsel faced was they did not have a Chief Information Officer in their management team so finding a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management and Materials Resource Planning solution that fits their current and future needs was something they had not faced before.  To complicate matters being a contract manufacturing organization the solution needed to be capable of easily adapting sophisticated technical designs prepared by their customer’s engineers into their production and procurement processes.  

C-LevelExecs was brought in to guide the management team on their product selection, contract negotiations to get best and final pricing, secure available government grants to offset costs and implementation project management that resulted in the full system implementation ON-TIME and ON-BUDGET.


Manufacturing - Medical Devices (class 2)

Business Optimization for Growth

​"BioMedica is taking a focused approach to growth involving building a strong foundation in every aspect of the company.  One essential element is that we needed to ensure that all of our business processes were defined and aligned to support the current and future increased demand for products and manufacturing output.  Andrew Morrisey at C-Level Executive Solutions led  the BioMedica process owners through a systematic approach to optimize the underlying processes and to position us to operate more efficiently and to scale as we grow.  Having our processes well defined and aligned will be one of the key foundations to support our next steps of growth." 

Brian Jeffers, President and CEO


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"Cause" Marketing

National Public Relations Campaign

Go Green embraces an environment-friendly “ Idle-Free” policy intended to assure clean air for our kids, by encouraging motor vehicle owners to turn off their engines when stationary for extended periods.. Their CEO, Ron Zima is an outspoken champion for the cause and planned to initiate a nationally visible campaign, "Clear across Canada",  by driving from Victoria to St John’s with community and media stops along the way.

C-Level was contracted to develop a rolling public relations campaign over the 40 days of the Clear Across Canada journey, and to attract sponsors. The marketing challenge was to meaningfully engage community groups and  media outlets in the program and build promotional momentum as the trip continued.

C-Level created and presented a detailed project management plan, assembled a small team of campaign volunteers, identified outdoor community gathering places, and began to contact on-site partners such as Boy Scouts of Canada, and local radio stations to become involved. One secured sponsor agreed to provide the vehicle, another the accommodations.

As arrangements for a Kamloops kick-off were finalized, and with the journey poised to begin in the late Spring, at the last minute the trip had to be cancelled for personal health reasons..

"C-Level Executive Solutions has a width and depth of experience in managing business and technology that allowed our team to focus on our core skills. They helped us realize the best in ourselves. I would highly recommend considering C-Level as an effective complement to any team or project."

Ron Zima, CEO       


Manufacturing - Windows & Entrance Systems

“Peter Kohler Windows and Entrance Systems approached C-LevelExecs to assist us through a re-visit of our corporate management strategy. Through a series of workshops facilitated by Dan Dolan, we are engaging our management team to define our true passions, strengths, and economic engine in order to enhance our leadership position in the marketplace.”

Marine Atlantic.jpg

Logistics - Marine Transporation

Supply Chain Management – Organizational Review

Marine Atlantic operates the ferry service from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland.   With continuous growth in truck cargo services and tourism the increased operational needs to support the four vessels required Marine Atlantic to undergo an organizational review to optimize it’s business processes and practices.  C-LevelExecs was selected to conduct the review within the Supply Chain Management area.  The study resulted in several business process improvements that were successfully implemented within the fiscal year.    A follow-up review conducted one year following validated the improvements and value from conducting the exercise.


Manufacturing - Marine Tracking & Farming

 Post Merger & Acquisition - Business Integration

Innovasea’s acquisition growth strategy has proven to be highly successful with diversified product lines.  A more recent acquisition of a land-based fish farm manufacturer in Baton Rouge Louisiana posed challenges to integrate the new business unit into Innovasea’s systems and standard processes.   C-LevelExecs was brought in to establish the integration plan and management the business and systems transformation.    Soon after the assignment started the Canadian/USA boarders were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in this project being fully managed remotely.   The business benefits of have acquired companies fully integrated with standard systems and processes results in optimum use of resources and streamlined business transactions.

Remarkably this project was completed on time and under budget.


Health Care - Pharma Technology Solutions

Strategic Leadership Development

Studies show that talent matters: “executives of high-growth companies have a higher level of competency than those of low-performing firms. Conversely having good leaders is not good enough; only excellence makes the difference. Companies with outstanding leadership teams have a high correlation with revenue growth, while those with solid but unexceptional leaders have no correlation at all.

At STI having great leaders was essential.  Two of our C-LevelExecs business coaches worked with their CEO and his leadership team at a pivotal time in the companies life-cycle.  Through Executive assessment and leadership development resulted in an outstanding leadership team that has since taken the company to be acquired by IMS Quintiles (now IQVIA) for over $210M USD.  A great Nova Scotia success story in our BioScience market.


Manufacturing - Wildfire Innovations Inc.

Export Business Development - Advisory Services

Wildfire Innovations manufactures a series of wildfire prevention products that significantly reduces the forest, homes and property from catching fire through its innovative fire prevention Elevated Rain Induced Solution (ERIS).  With a desire to sell more products worldwide C-LevelExecs was chosen to explore the European markets.   The initial assignment is to provide international business development services which has resulted in several opportunities in Europe.  


Transportation & Logistics

New Market Development

Rail-Werx Inc. is a new company based in Alberta with associates in other jurisdictions. Their team has many years of experience in the railway industry in various roles. They provide a host of railway training and services based on the requirements of the particular railway operation and the regulatory authority having jurisdiction.


In considering the railway landscape in Alberta, Rail-Werx Inc. is exploring an expansion of service offerings that are currently provided by the government.


As a result of sector level experience and extensive knowledge of the political landscape in Alberta, C-LevelExecs was brought in to develop a comprehensive plan to lobby the provincial government for consideration of the outsourcing approach. 


The planned outsourcing included the development of materials laying out the process, the costs and benefits of the outsourcing and the improved client service to the railway industry in Alberta, for consideration by the Minister and department responsible.

Bio Medica
Go Green
Peter Kohler
Marine Atlantic
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